Point Fortin South Western Chamber

Promoting Business Interests in the South Western Peninsula of Trinidad

JOIN US today, and become a member of the Point Fortin/South Western Chamber
Membership in the Chamber is open to all companies and individuals in Trinidad & Tobago.
The annual dues vary depending on your preferences or budget. The dues for Bronze membership and up become due at the beginning of each calendar year.

As a member of the Chamber we will act as a strong voice of representation for you in the issues which impact the community and the country, whether these may be social, political or economic. This is a voice which you may not possess as one business alone out of many.

The Executive meets on the first Wednesday of every month, and the general membership meetings are usually held quarterly. The AGM is held once a year.

In addition, the chamber hosts a number of Business Luncheons, and seminars, all geared towards improving the lot of all members.


Standard: No fees - Everyone can register for free.
Bronze: TT$500. / year.
Silver: TT$1,000./ year.
Gold: TT$2,500. / year.
Platinum: TT$5,000 / year.

Features & BenefitsStandard
FREE Registration; only name or Company listed on site
The above plus address and contact information
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Membership Certificate
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Sponsors can be anyone that wishes to support the Chamber, and can choose from
Bronze level and up.

Features & BenefitsBronze
Name, Contact info, WhatsApp Button
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As a Member it is requested that you attend at least the AGM meeting which is held once a year.
You can also become a Corporate Member.
Corporate Members do not have to come to any meetings, but they have to enter at least at Silver level.

Please note: the Website is SSL secured (a must these days). This changes the "http://" to:
So the official and full website address is: https://www.pfswcic.com
However, just typing pfswcic.com in the address bar will do the trick as well.

To apply for membership, download and print the Application Form, then complete and and return it to us. An Online form will be available soon.
We also invite you to complete our Questionnaire, so that we may better serve you in the future.

To keep up with the times and trends, the Point Fortin South Western Chamber has now a virtual office, and we can be reached via the on this page mentioned methods:

By email: pfswcic@gmail.com

Or by contacting the individual Board Members by e-mail or WhatsApp (if available). See "Contact Executive Team"

We can also be reached at the following number:

Tel: (868) 648-4961

Or by filling out the form below: 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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